Friday, September 26, 2008

Instead Of Having A Nervous, Depressed Post About The Economy, I Am Instead Going To List A Series Of Rhyming Words

01. drats (the economy is tanking)
02. (how is the ongoing financial meltdown affecting) Minnesota Fats
03. (will the collapse of the US financial system somehow spur an uptick in the sale of) spats
04. (an alternative to sleeping on cardboard is using discarded exercise) mats
05. (what is the nutritional value of) rats
06. (for that matter, what is the nutritional value of) cats
07. (I'm a dummy, could someone please just explain to me all these depressing) stats
08. (in addition to economic turmoil, I don't like) gnats
09. bats (are okay, though, and good for the economy)
10. (a warning to rich people, during these troubled times, refrain from wearing your customary silk) cravats


SamuraiFrog said...

Thank you for using spats. I feel a little happier today.

The Imaginary Reviewer said...

(There goes my plan to build a load of) ziggurats

Comrade Kevin said...

there will be no money for frivolous things like tats.

Gifted Typist said...

brilliant response

gizmorox said...

I'm kind of stuck on how bats are good for the economy.

Matty Boy said...

Stop this rhyming now! I mean it!

Anybody got a peanut?

Distributorcap said...

and batman says zats!

dguzman said...


Abhisheq =] said...

Now that is REAL talent.