Friday, September 26, 2008

May I Borrow Your Gorilla Costume?

So, MizSplotchy already has her costume picked out for this coming Halloween.

She'll be going for a 1950's housewifey vibe, her costume to be topped off by this little mound of heaven.

After some soul searching, I came up with a perfect companion costume to hers -- the robot monster from Robot Monster!

My problem is that gorilla costumes are pretty damned expensive. I can't afford to spend a couple hundred bucks on a gorilla body, folks. I can't afford to rent a gorilla costume for seventy bucks, either.

I look to you, blogosphere, for any assistance in my pursuit of 1950's schlock! Let me borrow your gorilla costume, okay? I promise not to sweat in it too much.


Doc said...

Problem solved: Lay down on a big piece of paper and have MizSplotchy trace you. Go to the fabric store and blow $12 on four yards of fake fur the color of your choice and $2 on velcro. Since it is meant to be a baggy jumpsuit it doesn't have to fit like a tailermade Tux. Your only concern is that you have enough room in the crotch so that it doesn't bind Big Jim and the twins. Just use your tracing as a pattern and cut it big. Fake fur is easy to sew and velcro is a lot easier than trying to put in a zipper.

You are on your own about where to find the helmet.


jin said...

If you are one of those really hairy guys can't you just go nekkid? Maybe put a bucket over your head or something? If you can't quite see where you're going, maybe miz splotchy can lead you around by your...

... HAND! I was going to say HAND! I SWEAR!

Flannery Alden said...

Ok, which one do you want...the mountain gorilla or the Nicaraguan one?

Distributorcap said...

a tin foil hat will work in a pinch for the helmet

Anonymous said...

No way!

That's the best costume ever. Didn't he have a gun that shot bubbles out too, or am I remembering incorrectly?

Maybe I'll go as Manos, the Hands of Fate.

dguzman said...

Doc's a genius! That was my plan too, only Doc's is far more fully formed!