Friday, October 10, 2008

Please Help Get This Typo Into The English Lexicon

I am tired of typing "destory" and have it not be a word.

Let's make "destory" a word.

Give me a definition for it and I will send it off to the people at the OED.

Thanks in advance.


Randal Graves said...

destory, v., to wreck the narrative flow of a plot through poor usage of technique.


Joe Eszterhas destoried that movie!

Jess Wundrun said...

destory: to jump off the top of a building; not to be confused with defenstrate which means to jump out of a window.


Self respecting stock brokers ought to emulate their 1929 counterparts. Whether they destory or defenestrate, it matters not to me!

The Imaginary Reviewer said...

Destory: To prove that an accepted work of fiction is indeed not true; just as debunking is proving the falsehood of a claimed fact, destorying is proving the falsehood of something that nobody ever claimed to be true anyway.


"Picking holes in the historical veracity of The Da Vinci Code is just destorying it"

p0nk said...

destory: to disseminate a contrived account of events.
Before the media could uncover the huge FOOBAR, the troops were destoried about the events that took place.
See debrief

dguzman said...

destory: v., to completely erase someone's mind by means of an incredibly powerful (okay, and sometimes fatal) electric current, thus leaving them with no stories of any kind to tell.

Lockwood said...

Randal pretty much got the one that occurred to me: destory, v., 1. to edit a work in such a way that its original meaning is lost; 2. to represent events in such a way that the actual circumstances of those events are irrecoverable (cf. news).

Anonymous said...

You could make a movie called "Destory Rides Again."

Comrade Kevin said...

destory. The new teh.

Anonymous said...

I really need it to be called the interent. I'm sick of being wrong.