Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Misheard Lyrics, Vol 7

MizSplotchy just hepped me to my mistake moments ago.

Prince - 1999

Actual Lyrics
I got a lion in my pocket
And baby he is ready to roar

What I Sing
I got a dime in my pocket
And baby it's ready to roll


Doc said...

"Exscuse me while I kiss this Guy"
Jimi Hendrix


Bull said...

I thought it was

"I got a lime in my pocket
And baby it's ready to be sucked after a shot of tequila"

Helene said...

lol Just wanted to pop in and tell you I enjoyed your musical crayons and downloaded some of them. VERY eclectic grouping!

Came by way of Dale btw.


Comrade Kevin said...

A dime won't buy that much these day, Splotchy!