Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Post Titles You Can Have Without Attribution

Here, feel free to use any of these blog post titles.

01. The Disembodied Head Of Harry Chapin
02. Underwear Hijinx As A Predictor of Teen Suicide
03. Hippies At The Safeway
04. Pictures Of My Cat What Thinks He's People
05. Bernie Kopel Was Mean To Me At A Casino
06. The Religious Iconography Of Japanese Gum Packets
07. The Ironic Backwards "Loser L" Hand Gesture
08. My Favorite Diarrhea Anecdote
09. The Minutiae of My Walk To Work, 01/27/2009
10. The Fucking Economy
11. Positive Outlets For Your Obsolete Rage
12. Trippin'
13. Here's My Social Security Number
14. How To Look Fancy
15. How To Look Faux-Fancy
16. My Rant Against DVD Packaging
17. A Fond Remembrance Of The CD Longbox
19. First name DON, Last name HENLEY
20. One Of Those Greasy-Haired Creeps From The Eagles


Randal Graves said...

If you're not careful, Don Henley is going to buy a gun at Wal-Mart, the exclusive retailer of the Eagles' latest opus, and go huntin' for Splotchys.

Joe said...

"Positive Outlets For Your Obsolete Rage"

Man, that's not just a post title--I think I could build an entire blog on that theme.

Some Guy said...

#7 made me laugh. I think I may have already used the diarrhea one.

Comrade Kevin said...

"Bodily Function of the Week"

dguzman said...

Does this mean you're not going to write any of these?


Distributorcap said...

hippies go to safeway? i thought they only shopped at Ralph's