Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Where In The World Is Jess Wundrun?

Only she can truly appreciate this headline:

Burris' Continuing Struggle to Remove Blagojevich's 'Taint'

If you dare, revisit the historic taint wars between Jess and I here and here.

Thanks to Bubs for the Taint Tip!


p0nk said...

a taintectomy is a very serious procedure for even (or especially) for an a$$hole.

lisahgolden said...

Poor Jess is missing the fun? Taint that a shame?

Coaster Punchman said...

Hmm, remember when you agreed not to use that one word to make me happy? Might you consider it with Taint?

Why don't girls have Taints? Or do they? I mean, if you can fill in the blanks of the two body parts, why not?

Splotchy said...

P, man, I don't know if I can make that promise.

And women do have taints.