Friday, October 17, 2008

Actual Doors Tribute Bandnames

As far as I can tell, all of these bands really exist and are able to authentically recreate "The Doors experience".

Feel free to compare these with my own suggestions for Doors tribute bandnames.

01. The Soft Parade
02. Wild Child
03. Peace Frog
04. Mojo Risin
05. The American Night
06. L.A. Doors
07. Purple Legion
08. Doors of Deception
09. Crystal Ship
11. The Double Doors
12. The Unknown Soldiers
13. The Back Doors
14. Moonlight Drive
15. The Bootleg Doors
16. The OtherSide
17. American Prayer
18. L.A. Woman (all-female!!)
19. Morrison Hotel
20. Riders on the Storm (w/ 2 original Doors members!)


Comrade Kevin said...

Mystik Spiral, with a K.

(Old Daria joke)

heals. said...

I believe there is a separate group of Doors tribute bands dedicated to Val Kilmer not Jim Morrison.