Sunday, September 25, 2011

New Green Monkey Mix!

Hi kids.

Wow, I took a look at the last time I did an installment of the Green Monkey Music Project. It was well over a year ago! Holy disregarded blog, Batman!

I was talking with my Twitter buddy Denise. She found out about the mixes and she dug them, and really wanted to participate in one. She actually suggested a theme that for some reason I never got around to. It was a good enough idea that I decided to get the green monkey out of his bunker and ask him to start up the Mixtape Machine.

Volume 21 of the Green Monkey Music Project will be Stop Crying And Listen.

This mix consists of songs you want to have played at your funeral (Morbidity Alert!). This might sound like a depressing topic for a mix, but I totally disagree. I have always felt that mixtapes are some form of creativity and communication. One can use them to affect the emotional state of the listener, and to transmit some sort of spiritual essence by the sheer choice and ordering of a few songs. I believe this!

So, having a few songs played at your funeral is like a final way of saying goodbye, fuck you, I love you, whatever you want to say. It's your last chance of pushing your imagination and thoughts on the world -- it's your last hurrah.

I'm opening the mix to 8 participants. Denise and I are participating, so that leaves 6 open slots. Please comment on this blog post if you are interested in participating.

All that's required for your participation is simply selecting songs for your mix, and letting me know what they are. For now, all you have to do is say you would like to join in. We'll get to the song selection soon enough.

Thanks, and happy mixing.

Some Guy

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Barry and the Setbacks, Episode 2: Barry's Car

Here be Episode 2 of the Barry And The Setbacks series, mateys!

Enjoy! Arrrrrrrr!

Barry & the Setbacks Episode 2