Thursday, July 30, 2009

Name That Face, Round 2: The Quickening



Bumping this to the top, because it's OVER.

Check out the cornucopia of faces here.


Round 2 of Name That Face is underway!

Once again, the idea of the game -- your goal is to be the first to identify the face in the photo. Sometimes there will be bonus points given for additional information.

To play this game, just start following Name That Face on the Twitter (you'll of course have to get a Twitter account).

I'll keep a running tally of everyone's scores, and store it on this post.

Here is the first picture of Round 2:

I am giving an extra point if you tell me what movie this still is from.

Remember, don't name the face here. Name it in a reply to my NameThatFace account on the Twitter.

The prizes for Round 2 have already been announced.


@dpressman - 107 points
@glitterlips24k - 100 points
@wolfsothern - 79 points
@artichoked - 75 points
@keithwade - 68 points
@stevesaragossi - 54 points
@Nyen_van_Toc - 31 points
@MattackTheDj - 29 points
@dave_mcgee - 29 points
@Goose - 28 points
@NateMcBeardsly - 25 points
@AndeeD - 22 points
@SnapTheJap - 17 points
@jakefincher - 16 points
@DavidSeligman - 15 points
@pickleops - 11 points
@johndstearns - 11 points
@TPiko - 10 points
@MiggyErbs - 9 points
@Janie16 - 8 points
@minicorrect - 8 points
@weepydonuts - 7 points
@pie_maker - 6 points
@mikeloggie - 6 points
@galtomasum - 5 points
@mrstevenpyatt - 5 points
@addiecharlotte - 4 points
@Dhppy - 4 points
@HAMMER32 - 4 points
@ajonathancox - 4 points
@pjwaldron - 4 points
@SceneStealrEric - 4 points
@BunnyKickButt - 3 points
@Erika_Olsen - 3 points
@mattbelknap - 3 points
@ranielle - 3 point
@thejoemoore - 3 points
@bagocornfriend - 2 points
@JimmyLuttrell - 2 points
@BuckPimpette77 - 2 points
@genegeorge - 2 points
@tvpam - 2 points
@CathyofTO - 2 points
@imaginaryreview - 1 point
@stevethegreat - 1 point
@eliter - 1 point
@andrew_mayfield - 1 point
@pdoubleg - 1 point
@MyNameIsGaron - 1 point
@Dogfish_Fred - 1 point
@jaycee419 - 1 point
@chipcityls - 1 point
@PaplooThePirate - 1 point
@janelock - 1 point
@debenham - 1 point

Light Posting, Heavy Twittering, Doodling And You

I haven't been posting a lot. I don't know why I feel the need to tell you. It's self-evident, isn't it?

Round 2 of Name That Face! is nearing the end (July 31st), so most of my energies have been focused there.

However, I do have sixty seconds or so to provide you with a doodle. First commenter with a doodle idea gets that idea doodled.


For Manx:
The Jonas Brothers making out with Hanson.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Monday, July 27, 2009

Baby Deer -- Y'Know, For The Kids

Hi. I took another bike ride yesterday on the Salt Creek trail. It was fun and exciting and sexy, as usual.

Like I have said before, I see deer all the time when I'm riding -- nothing exceptional. However, I promised my kids I would take some pictures if I saw anything interesting.

Sure enough, I saw a baby deer, on the trail not too far from my house.

Here ya go. Click on any pic for bigger babyishness.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Turtle Who Thought He Was A Casino Greeter

*Someday* I want to do a comix week on my blog, where all the posts are drawn instead of written.

Unfortunately, I do not see that happening in the near future.

Of the several people interested in collaborating with me on some comics, SamuraiFrog was kind and awesome enough to submit a cartoon based on an idea of mine.

He sent it to me way back in November 2008, and I've been holding it back from the people of the Internet. But no longer!

People of the Internet, enjoy! (click on the pic for a larger version).

Thank you, SF. You are a good person and a wonderful cartoonist.

41,132 Rickrolls And Counting

You know about Rickrolling, right? (e.g. Here, this is my theory on quantum physics)


On the Twitter I use a URL-shortening service called It takes long URLs and scrunches them. There are other websites like Tinyurl and the even slightly shorter, but I like using for some reason. (and the other URL-shortening websites, I presume) use some sort of algorithm to reduce URLs to their small form. It really has nothing to do with *who* is requesting the shortened URL -- the smaller URL will be the same.

One thing neat about is it will show you how many clicks have gone through one of their shortened URLs.

Out of curiousity, I picked the most-viewed video of Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up" (over 18M views thus far) and'ed it.

I personally want to thank and the other URL-shortening services for making Rickrolling possible.

The MAD LIBS Credo

Don't presume anyone is a [singular noun], and don't be surprised when they turn out to be one.


Feminine To A Fault

Saw a lady limp over to my train this morning. On one leg she had a cast that went from her thigh down to and including her foot.

On the other foot, a high-heeled shoe.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The IFSRMC Has A Logo!

As far as I know, the group I announced a short time ago, the International Federation of Second-Run Movie Critics (IFSMRC) still has but one member ("ME").

Despite this, I have continued to move forward with administrative business.

So, via the talent and dedication of the lovely Becca, we got a freaking logo.

I have also resized it for sidebar-displaying purposes!

Can you imagine displaying this badge of honor on *your* website? Let me know if you are interested in joining this prestigious institution!

Sure, I Can Do A Doodle For You. What Would You Like?

First commenter with a doodle idea gets that idea doodled.


For Tim:
Dancing with ants in the pants in France.

Belatedly for Beckeye:
A sunglasses-wearing bear playing chess with a cigar-smoking duck.

Unconnected Tuesdays


Revolving Door

The IT Worker's Credo

Don't presume anyone is an idiot, and don't be surprised when they turn out to be one.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Early Evening Prairie Fantabulousness

I took another early evening bike ride on the Salt Creek trail this past Friday. It had rained in the late afternoon, so the trail was a little wet. Steam rose from different parts of the trail as I rode -- neat.

I usually see a few deer on my bike rides on Salt Creek, and this ride was no different.

I saw ducks, too. Are you excited? Please tell me you are excited.

I decided to go the opposite way I usually ride. We're near the eastern end of the trail, over by Brookfield Zoo, so I normally don't go that way (I feel kinda silly doubling back at such a short distance).

However, this little stretch of trail is one of my favorite parts, because unlike the foresty parts I normally ride in (which I like), there's a small-yet-lovely section of prairie.

There is an old disused crane just off the path in this section of the trail. I like the graffiti.

Also, a mysterious pile of logs.

Who is the guy who owns that $5,000 bike? I'm the owner, and that is not a $5,000 bike.

Here's a pic of the creek.

A puffy cloud I liked.

Some pictures as the sun was setting.

I even recorded a little video!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bog Birds, Baby!

I don't usually ride around the Salt Creek bike trail in the evening, but the kids went to bed a little early tonight, T__ got home early, and I figured I could head for a quick ride outside.

It was almost completely dark when I exited the forest preserve after a nice-yet-somewhat-buggy ride.

During my trip, I was very happy to see a bird I had previously tried to photograph, and this time I was quiet enough not to disturb it.

Anyone want to offer an ID? I think it's some kind of heron.

I rode a little further, and in another little mini-bog saw this bird, probably the same kind.

The Worst Lip-Synching In A Video Since The Rolling Stones' Start Me Up

I love this song, but come on, how hard is it to lip-synch?

The Clean - Anything Can Happen

Unconnected Tuesdays


Vapor Trail

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Big Pictures Of A Tiny Spider

Taken this morning on a bridge over the Salt Creek.

Click on each pic for bigness.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

.. - - --- --- -.- -- . - .... .. ... .-.. --- -. --. - --- .... .- ...- . .- .--. --- ... - .. -. -- --- .-. ... . -.-. --- -.. .

-.-- . ... --..-- .. - -.. .. -.. .-.-.- -- .- -. --..-- - .... . .. -. - . .-. -. . - .... .- ... . ...- . .-. -.-- - .... .. -. --. .-.-.- .-.. .- -. --. ..- .- --. . - .-. .- -. ... .-.. .- - --- .-. ... --..-- -... --- --- -... ... .- -. -.. ...- .. -.. -.-. .- .--. ... --- ..-. .--- .. -- ...- .- .-. -. . -.-- -- --- ...- .. . ... .-.-.- - .... .- -. -.- ... --..-- .. -. - . .-. -. . - .-.-.- .-.-.- .-.-.-

- .... .- -. -.- ...

Doodle Me!

First commenter with a doodle idea gets that idea doodled.


For okjimm:
Sarah Palin's Brain

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Cellphone Service For The Weary And Cynical

I have seen these ads around town. They are awful.

What the hell is with the tagline? Believe in something better? What, am I spiritually bankrupt? Am I empty? Is the world that awful?

What the hell is this ad trying to convey? It's insulting, whatever it is.

Other people's posts:

I like it! Yay!
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