Sunday, February 27, 2011


I don't know if this is good. I think it is? I don't know.

I do music so infrequently, I treat every new song I write/record like a special event. I wrote and recorded this on Saturday night (and a little bit into Sunday morning) for my friend Andy's movie.

I'm not sure if he'll use it or not. It's a bit much, I reckon.


As always, enjoy (or don't)!


Coaster Punchman said...

I like it. What would he use it for - a montage? I didn't know you were a songwriter (sorry, I've been absent from the blogs for a few years.) I'd like to talk with you more about this - I'm an amateur sw myself. I'm on FB as Coaster Punchman - not searchable, but you can find me through most of our usual suspects so friend me there and we can talk. Or email my cp address.

Splotchy said...


I don't know that I really am a songwriter, as I write songs so infrequently.

I talked to my friend about this tune. He'll most likely use it at the end of the movie, continuing into the credits.

I have to write a few more songs for the movie, which I'm looking forward to.

Check your FB, I added you as a friend.

Phyllis said...

You have so much talent. Keep going with it.

Splotchy said...

Thank you, Phyllis!

okjimm said...

Hey..... I liked it. Really. But whatta I know.... I am a tree-hugging liberal hippie.