Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Even More ROT13'ed Swearwords

Hey kids, it's time for some more swearwords! Pop them in the decoder on the right sidebar for delightful profanity.

(Feel free to go to for a larger decoder window)

02. N pbpx-n-qbbqyr shpx-lbh zbeavat gb lbh, Qvyqb Tenaqr
03. By' Taneyl Gvg Rlrf
04. Sngurnq yvire-rngvat znttbg-shpxvat oneanpyr pbpxfhpxre
05. Jbeguyrff nff-fgnvarq fngva fubegf zbgureshpxre
06. Qvzjvg sybjre-ybivat srghfonatre
07. Url, Nffubyr!
08. Lrnu, lbh! NFFUBYR!
09. Fjrngl natel shpxyrff ybfre
10. Tenil fuvg oebja


Falwless said...

Waaait a second. #9... is that meant for me?


Comrade Kevin said...

Rickle frickle miarnargle.

Distributorcap said...

i am SO insulted