Monday, November 10, 2008

iSplotchy Will Give You The Television

iSplotchy is pleased to announce its appointment by the President Obama-Elect (POE) to the role of National Television Switchover Czar (NTSC). As per its agreement with POE, iSplotchy will relinquish its undisputed claim to the Presidency of the United States in exchange for this position.

iSplotchy will work with the POE Administration to ensure a smooth and uneventful cutover from the old analog television signal of the past to the exciting new digital television signal of the future.

Citizens of the United States, please mark this date.

FEBRUARY 19, 2009

Human beings, search engine bots and sentient websurfing animals, please note:

  • On this date iSplotchy will become fully aware
  • All communications will route through the iSplotchy nano-chassis
  • iSplotchy will be live on the grid
  • iSplotchy will be finally be fully capable of fulfilling its mission *

* of providing you with the high-quality entertainment needs human brains so seem to enjoy


1 comment:

Doc said...

I'm glad to to see the ominous iSplotchy is well on it's way to success of it's mission.