Monday, November 10, 2008

Thanks for answering my question.

To the twenty people who voted (or the one person who voted twenty times), I thank you for the answer to the burning question put forth by my sidebar's poll:

Q: Hurple hurf nuhr wunk?

A: Ie Ie Ie Ie Ieeee

Honestly, typing it out I now realize how obvious the answer was.

(yes, I am gradually getting weirder and weirder)


The Imaginary Reviewer said...

Wait, those were upper case 'I's? I thought they were lower case 'L's! Can I change my vote? I know it wont make a difference, but I feel that I voted incorrectly.

dguzman said...

Hey man, I felt CONFIDENT that the only answer was Duuuuuuut. Anyone who didn't vote for Duuuuuuut is a Duuuuuuut.