Wednesday, May 6, 2009

One Good Thing About Obsessing Over The Weather Is That You Get Exposed To All Kinds Of Meteorologists


Hey, they changed the goddamn weather video on me. I like the British lady in the video embedded right now (as of 05/07 morning). I'll see if I can find the previous dickhead weatherman.

Hmm, can't find the old video. It makes sense to me now, that each weather forecast video doesn't have its own video link, and that they probably just replace the forecasts each day. If they archived all the weather forecast videos, that would be a crazy amount of storage space they would need. Plus, who wants to see an old weather forecast (besides me, who wanted to show you a shining example of a dickhead weatherman).

So, once again, my apologies to the British woman meterologist and future meterologists that appear in the embedded video in this post. Except for you, dickhead weatherman. I presume you know who you are.

#1 - The Dickhead


The Imaginary Reviewer said...

Bloody English.

p0nk said...

actually, if you archive them, you only need two forecasts. Just play the most appropriate one each day.