Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Proper Capitalization Of Street Fighting Man Lyrics

EVER-y-WHERE i HEAR the SOUND of MARching, CHARging FEET, boy
'cause SUMmer's HERE and the TIME is RIGHT for FIGHting IN the STREET, boy


HEY! think the TIME is RIGHT for a PALace REVoLUtion
But WHERE i LIVE the GAME to PLAY is COMproMISE soLUtion


HEY! said my NAME is CALLED disTURbance
i'll SHOUT and SCREAM, i'll KILL the KING, i'll RAIL at ALL his SERvants

1 comment:

Comrade Kevin said...

CoCKy, buT WouLD MicK JAggAR be FigHTING in the StreeTS, REAlly?