Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bog Birds, Baby!

I don't usually ride around the Salt Creek bike trail in the evening, but the kids went to bed a little early tonight, T__ got home early, and I figured I could head for a quick ride outside.

It was almost completely dark when I exited the forest preserve after a nice-yet-somewhat-buggy ride.

During my trip, I was very happy to see a bird I had previously tried to photograph, and this time I was quiet enough not to disturb it.

Anyone want to offer an ID? I think it's some kind of heron.

I rode a little further, and in another little mini-bog saw this bird, probably the same kind.


Joe said...

Cool! Great blue heron I think? I'd check with DGuzman

Matthew Hubbard said...

Great blues have crest feathers that would be visible in the picture.

What color was it? Might be an egret.

Splotchy said...

You're pretty much looking at the best view I had. I was getting eaten alive by mosquitoes while taking the picture, and was pretty far away from the birds as well.

dguzman said...

I too was looking for the crest feathers, thinking it was probably a Great Blue Heron. The Gray Heron's range does not include the US, so I'm going with Great Egret. The bill looks too skinny for a Great Blue Heron, and Great Egrets are pretty common bog birds.

I'm glad you got to see a new bird! Wish the lighting had been better for you. These big birds are so beautiful.

Splotchy said...

But D, look at the first picture.

The face is white on the bottom, but blue/gray on the top.

I understand if the gray heron is not found in the US, but the pictures I have seen of the Great Egret don't have this two-tone face.

Could it possibly be a blue heron without the crest feathers?

Splotchy said...

I think you can also tell from the picture that the birds' wings were gray rather than white.

okjimm said...

I would go with Egret as well. A Great Blue is a very big bird and the bill is a bit thicker.