Friday, July 3, 2009

It's The End Of The World Meme As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)

A new, sobering meme created by JDC.

I was tagged by Jin.

The question is:
"You wake up tomorrow and every person on the planet has vanished.
What do you do?"
The replies are:
Day One
Week One
Month One
Year One

Day One:
Have some lunch.
Ride around a bit.
Try to sleep.

Week One:
I'd probably already be stocking up on supplies. How long would there be electricity? Without people running things, how long would things keep running? I would be thinking about these things, assuming things were still running.

I'd take daily trips (probably multiple trips) in search of others. My mood would alternate between panic and a deep dark depression, I imagine.

Month One:
I start to realize think there is no one else but me. Still taking trips, scanning TV/radio. At this point I would have scrounged up a HAM radio and tried that, too.

I would be completely stocked with food (mostly canned goods) from plundering various grocery stores. I would be contemplating growing my own food as well, but might not have started yet.

Would there be animals? I'd probably like to have some kind of dog so there would be someone I could talk to. It's likely all the animals in the pet stores I would visit would be dead (maybe not).

Year One:
I have a garden where I grow vegetables. I have lots of food and water. I watch movies, I read books. If I have a dog, I play outside a lot with it. I still check for signs of human life from time to time, but my heart's not in it.

I exercise a lot. I get firearms and practice shooting. I try to enjoy my life. I watch sunsets.

I tag SamuraiFrog.


lahru said...

Easy. Just go to the nearest church and wait for the remaining Christians to show up. I've heard that if you have been faithful to your God, he will nor desert you. No brainer buddy!

jin said...

Heeheheee! LUV your Day One.
Excellent answers all around.
Thanks for playing! :-)

Joe said...

Actually, Russ brings up a good point, and I didn't think of it until well after I'd done my response.

I'd probably spend the first few days terrified that I'd been totally, horribly wrong about The Rapture.

Doc said...

No better occupation than watching sunsets.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Don't want to shatter your existence, but how exactly would you watch movies, though?

The firearms are a good idea for when those Christians finally show up.

Comrade Kevin said...

I'd have time enough at last to read all the books in my library.