Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hypothetical Quotes By People of Distinction

Colonel Sanders: "It's crotch-lickin' good."


Falwless said...

This reminds me of my ex.

He really liked KFC.

(What were YOU thinking?)

(Why am I no longer able to view your twitterings? I hate you. That was my constant entertainment.)

Fran said...

Those words coming out of his mouth make me well aware of the throw up in my mouth...

Bradda said...

I wonder who would win in a fight, the Colonel or Orvell Reddenbacher...hmmm.

Joe said...

In their younger years, the Colonel, without a doubt. But I think in their advanced years, cleaner living would have given the advantage to Mr. Reddenbacher.

And I really don't want to associate the Colonel with the phrase "crotch licking". At all.

dguzman said...

Wow, Colonel, who knew you were so... liberated? But please--liberate somewhere else. That's just eewwww.

Comrade Kevin said...

Crabby enough, but highly unlikely.

Still, made me laugh.

Distributorcap said...

i thought it was dont ask, dont tell, dont eat chicken

Freida Bee said...

It gives new meaning to, "Would you like it spicy or mild?"

Boldly Serving Up Wheat Grass said...

This will be an excellent series, I can tell. Except, you've started out with the bar set pretty high (or, uh, low)!

Splotchy said...

Falwless, I have opened up my Twitterings to the unwashed masses again. Just try taking a bath now and then, okay?

Fran, rinse that throw-up taste out with delicious mashed potatoes and gravy!

bradda, that is a question for the ages.

bubs, should I have had Orville say the crotch-lickin' line instead?

d, it's perfectly natural!

CK, anything is possible.

dc, the Colonel can do what the Colonel wants.

freida b, or "not at all".

BSUWG, sadly, it already is a series (albeit one I stopped doing months ago).