Thursday, July 3, 2008

New York City, July 1st, 2008

Okay, so I hepped you to my experience with the Feelies. This here post deals with everything else. I guess I'll confine this post to the events of July 1st, and do a follow-up one for July 2nd.

I got into Penn Station at around 12pm on Tuesday. I walked over to meet Distributorcap for lunch. We spent probably between an hour and a half to two hours just talking about a variety of things. Man, what a wonderful person. I was very, very happy to be able to sit down with him and just talk about stuff. I enjoyed our time together so much that I'm prepared to give him a blurb. DCap, you can use this however you want.

"Distributorcap -- what a guy!" -- Splotchy

Seriously, it was a really nice way to start out the trip.

DCap had given me a couple suggestions as to what to do before I needed to catch the train to Hoboken. He recommended I walk down 5th Avenue, where I would go past the Empire State Building, hit Washington Square, go by Ground Zero. He suggested I check out Wall Street as well. So, I pretty much did this, and really enjoyed the walk.

I'm at a loss for a way to convey everything I did in an organized fashion, so I figured I'd post pictures and then just add commentary where I felt like it, maybe intersperse some random observations as well. Okay? Okay.

Don't Honk!

I saw this shortly after taking leave of DCap. I saw several more of these signs. I commend the city of NYC for its attempt in curbing noise pollution. I'm curious what kind of fine you'd get for yelling "I'm walking heah!" I actually got honked at by a taxi (for walking against the light, and also probably for having a dullard kind of expression on my face while I was doing it).

Free Bags Of Money!

Apparently there were large plastic bags full of money outside this bank. I didn't take one, as I figured they were for locals only.

Free People!

I didn't need those bags of money after all, as there was a store giving away free people. I didn't take one, as I figured they were, oh you get the idea.

Soho Door

Just a door in Soho I found aesthetically pleasing. I liked that the old intercom had been indiscriminately slathered with red paint.

Ground Zero

I hadn't really felt the need to see Ground Zero. But, it turned out to be right by the PATH station where I needed to catch the train to Hoboken. So, I checked it out. I felt no emotion when I looked at the site. It was a big hole in the ground. Whatever spirituality that might have lingered there was squandered long ago by the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. The government has turned all the people that died that day into a big hole -- a hole that keeps on sucking in money, life and happiness, and spits out misery and death. It's a crying shame.

WTC PATH Station

The PATH Station near the WTC was bustling with people when I was there. There were some very steep escalators. It was like a waterfall of people. I liked it.

Battery Park

Battery Park was at the southern tip of Manhattan. I could see the Statue of Liberty in the distance. The Feelies are playing here with Sonic Youth on the 4th. It was lovely there. The statue you see is dedicated to Merchant Marines.

Stunt Grandma

There were a couple movies being shot around where I was walking. There were cast trailers on a street near NYU. I had no choice but to take a picture of this door.

Washington Square

Washington Square was a lovely park, though much of it was under construction. Around this time, I started noticing that there were a lot of non-white women pushing white babies in strollers. Then I started getting distracted by this. I don't know exactly why -- maybe because I have kids of my own and I just pay attention more to kids in general? Why am I mentioning this? I dunno. Maybe I think I accidentally got some insight into a little bit of an underlying social dynamic, at least in Manhattan. I don't really know what to make of it, conclusions to draw from it. I just noticed it.

Splotchy Flips Off The More Offensive Bits Of NYC
I really don't like Times Square that much. I feel like it is the equivalent of visual shouting. Friend of the blog Manx also has a photography blog The Flip Side, dedicated to flipping the bird to an assortment of things.

I figured it would be appropriate to contribute some NYC pix to The Flip Side, including Times Square, as well as property named after everybody's favorite douchebag, Donald Trump.

The third Times Square pic has the added bonus of also flipping off The Love Guru.

Well, that's it for the Tuesday recap. Stay tuned for ancient signage, a Dr. Strange synagogue, McDonald's Happy Meal peace offerings and more!


Distributorcap said...

and it was my pleasure meeting you and giving you the easy route to see NY. i am so glad you had good time and i hope you come back again!

and thanks for a terrific lunch. i hope i didnt talk too much

Joe said...

Did any of those bystanders scurrying by ever look over and think you were flipping them off?

The Imaginary Reviewer said...

Expect to see signs around New York soon saying "No Flipping Off: $250 fine"

Fran said...

Dcap is a truly outstanding human being and I suspect that you are as well, you bird flipping photographer and Feelies lover.

I loved your photos. Despite working near Washington Square Park, not all that far from Ground Zero I only went twice after 9/11.

The first time was in December 2001 and I had a big freak out and couldn't deal with what I did not see. Sort of an emotional negative signage as it were.

The second time was in October of 07 I believe, maybe November.

I felt nothing. It was a dead zone.

Anonymous said...

Love the photo tour! I was wondering the same thing Bubs asked.

Splotchy said...

DCap, and please let me take you out for lunch/dinner if you come to Chicago. I look forward to seeing you again.

Bubs and DCup, I don't know if people noticed me doing the bird-flipping. I *was* self-conscious that people might misinterpret my actions. I basically snapped these pictures really quickly and moved on before anyone could beat me up.

The IR, I'd love to have such a dramatic effect on public policy!

Fran, I'm sorry we couldn't also meet during my trip. I know it would have been horribly inconvenient for you to make the trip. We'll meet sometime, I'm sure of it.

Manx said...

Awesome. Simply.

Words cannot repay the debt of flipping off The Love Guru in Times Square for me.