Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Things That Are Weirder Than Harrison Ford

01. Moon Boots
02. Shetland Ponies
03. Peter Coyote
04. Foie Gras
05. Cosplay
06. Gary Wright's "Dream Weaver"
07. White Pepper
08. Toronto
09. Diet Coke
10. Paperclips


Comrade Kevin said...

One should not forget his earring.

Strange, indeed.

Doc said...

I agree that Diet Coke is weird, by why use Harrison Ford as your benchmark?

Comrade Kevin- Ford was hanging out with Jimmy Buffet and Jimmy talked him into it. True story.


Falwless said...

11. Splotchy

Angela S. said...

Foie gras is weirder than just about anything, quite frankly.

Moderator said...

Harrison Ford is pretty fucked up.

Dr. Zaius said...

Hey! I kind of like paper clips! Except in Word documents, that is. I hate that guy...

dguzman said...

Hey, Ford is way weirder than "Dream Weaver."