Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Be Forewarned: The Tip-Top-Tap Is No Longer Open

I had admired the signage of the Allerton Hotel on Michigan Avenue for quite some time. And who doesn't love the alliterative name of its swanky lounge?

A couple weeks ago I was in the neighborhood, so I spontaneously decided to get a drink there (actually, I had spied it from the Hancock Observation room and it kindled in me the desire to down some al-kee-hol from a dizzying height).

Sadly, the Allerton's concierge informed me that the lounge was closed in the 1960's.



dguzman said...

We wuz robbed.

lahru said...

I heard sum guy named Conrad had something to do with it's untimely and unpopular demise, but not positive.

Anonymous said...

Much as I hate to contradict the great and powerful Wizard of Splotch (or admit that I listened to Steve Dahl)....I have vague recollections of Steve Dahl broadcasting from the Tip Top Tap during the 80's and 90's. If memory serves, the Tap was actually closed when the Allerton underwent renovations sometime in the late 90's. I'm glad the sign has survived.

Distributorcap said...

maybe you need to talk to Vanna White

lulu said...

That's bait and switch or something!