Monday, March 9, 2009

So we got the rain...

We got the seepage in our basement. It didn't actually start until Sunday, so that's something, I guess. It wasn't that awful. It definitely did not near the amount of awfulness my anxiety produced. Boy howdy was I freaking anxious.

There are 1-3 inches of rain forecast for late tonight and tomorrow in the Chicago area, so zippity-doo-dah for that fuckery. I'm more tired now than anxious about it. Right now there are blue skies, and it's very nice to have it, and have a brief moment of calm before another fucking storm.

Yesterday, I actually left the house for a while with the kids while MizSplotchy went to work on a paper for school. We went to an indoor playground, and then headed to my sister's house.

I felt pretty paralyzed for most of the weekend, pretty ineffectual. I didn't get into a fetal position, but at times I certainly felt like it.

My main job during the rains is getting water away from the house. My old system was the following: scoop up water outside with a kitty litter pail, dump the water into a leaky garbage can, repeat until garbage can is reasonably full, drag garbage can to alley and dump it.

This last time we had three pumps that MizSplotchy and I just moved around to suck up the water in the yard. So, basically I just watched the water being pumped outside while I did nothing. That's a much more efficient way of getting the water out, and it's significantly less exhausting than my kitty garbage can solution. However, doing all that physical exertion was beneficial to my state of mind, and the absence of it left me keyed up.

All the anxiety I had was really toxic. My stomach was giving me problems, I was snapping at the kids, I was afraid, unable to concentrate, etc., etc.

I'm working on it. I'm working on it.


Joe said...
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Joe said...

Consciously remind yourself of what a good job you did in setting up all the pumps and hoses before hand. Focus on that, and breathe.

Remember, once you get those tiles done it will improve.

And check your email regarding an upcoming GMMP mix.

Randal Graves said...

Have you thought about issuing a fatwa on rain?