Monday, July 19, 2010

Abandoned Things

I love things that have been forgotten or disregarded. Hooker motels, for example.

Why do I like them? Because they are old? Because they are fragile? Because no one loves them? A little bit of all that, I suppose.

This blog is now somewhat abandoned. My original website is *woefully* abandoned. I abandoned them both. It was me that did this, and no one else.

I am on Facebook, but only in a very vague and superficial way. I post a stupid status update, and link to a song, mostly on M-F.

These days my online presence is mostly on Twitter.

Twitter is insidious. My naked need for being liked/accepted/validated has never been stronger than it is on Twitter. People "follow" you. Or once following you they decide to "unfollow" you. Several people have unfollowed me and it has really hurt my feelings. Many more have unfollowed me than these few, but you'll be relieved to know not *every* unfollow is like a cold knife through my psyche.

I think the limitation of 140 chars per tweet actually might be having a negative effect on my thought processes. I don't know what kind of effect, but it seems unnatural having to reduce thoughts to a limited number of characters. Unnatural and stupid.

I was going to try and stop using Twitter for 30 days, while I am blogging. I haven't stopped yet. I might not, I don't know. We'll see. But I will blog more.

Here I think in paragraphs, not just single bursts of long sentences. Here I can write. Here I can revise, even after I publish.

So, I am going to try and love this abandoned blog, at least for a little bit. I love you, abandoned blog. I love you.

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