Monday, July 19, 2010

Name That Face: Round 4 Prizes


@glitterlips24k gets the Fellini book!
@pie_maker gets the Batman mug!
@bondfool gets the Corn Butterers!
@wolfsothern gets the Super 8 movies!
@ladyjerky gets the Police Academy cardgame!

Thanks to everyone who played. You can pick up your participation award(s) here.


With another round of Name That Face comes another round of prizes. The current round is scheduled to end on Friday, July 16th, at which time the five highest point-earners will be awarded prizes.

The highest point-earner gets to choose a prize out of the five available. The next highest point-winner will choose from the four remaining prizes, etc. until the 5th place winner has to take the last remaining prize.

Here are the prizes for Round 4, in no particular order.

Fellini's Faces, a collection of faces from the photo archives of Federico Fellini!

A wicked Batman coffee mug!

Do you miss the shenanigans of the Policy Academy animated series? Well, here they are again, in playing card form! I am not sure if they're normal playing cards, or are they are a card game all their own. Oh, I almost forgot. The cards are probably in Spanish.

Exciting and potentially lurid exploitative romps on two pulse-pounding reels of vivid Super-8 film!

Just what every house needs -- a Corn Butterer! (Set of 4!)

Thanks a lot for playing.


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dguzman said...

Boy, I stay off the blogs for a few months, and look what I miss! Dammit, I want that Batman mug!