Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Adopted Actor David Patrick Kelly In Louie!

If you haven't seen Louis CK's new show, Louie, on FX, you really should. It's a very nice, human show. It's funny, but is also grounded in a very real emotional place. I have seen other people describe it better than I on the Internet, so that's all you'll get from me. Don't try to wheedle any more out of me. I'll cut ya!

Anyways, I was watching Louie last week, and in that particular episode he uses some framing scenes with a low-key but slightly disturbing therapist. You never get a close shot of the guy, but it looked kind of like David Patrick Kelly. Well, it looked a little tall for DPK, but it looked like him. A tall version of him. Of DPK. Okay, onward.

I checked the credits and didn't see DPK's name, so I figured it wasn't him. I watched the show again, and decided, well, to be sure, better check out the IMDB, the font of all verified and truthful knowledge about movies and television. Sure enough, it *was* DPK playing the therapist. Hurray! I was very happy it was him.

About five minutes ago, I found this interview with Louis CK where he talks about DPK.

Interviewer: First a little quick thing. I want to make sure that that was David Patrick Kelly playing the shrink, but that's not my real question. My real question is, looking at the pilot and then the first episode that follows it, there's quite a bit of a difference between them that I kind of want to see, what evolved between the making of the pilot and that first episode? Which, they're all fantastic. I mean, as somebody who has seen you live many, many times, it was amazing to see that captured, both the live stuff and then just your personality that comes through a lot of your work. What evolution took place between the pilot and then that first episode?

Louis C.K.: It's a good question. First of all, it is David Patrick Kelly, who I love from Warriors and 48 Hours and Dreamscape. He's an actor I always connected with. We did an audition for that therapist part and a lot of people did a really corny, kind of beard stroking Freudian therapists, and he just did this really wild, really freaky character and it made me laugh the instant I saw the audition, so he came in. We only had one scene planned for the therapist, and as we started shooting it, he was just so funny I started throwing things at him, saying, "Try saying this," and he would do it and it was perfect. So I think we have about eight therapist segments. I'm not done editing all the shows yet so I don't know if I'm going to use them all in this season. I think we've used about four.

Interviewer: It was a huge victory seeing him.

Louis C.K.: He's so great. He's another example. There's actors that you love, that you've seen in great movies, and they're just living in New York City, and they're so happy to work. And it's so much a better process to just call New York actors and pay them just a ... check to come in and really work hard for a day.

The full interview

Watch Louie on Hulu (DPK's episode is #4 -- should be uploaded some time within the week)

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