Saturday, December 18, 2010

Overexplaining Underappreciated Tweets #1

Twitter User:

"Take me hunk, I'm drome!" -- Spister Moonerism Brand Novelty Tees
(link to original tweet)

Spister Moonerism is a character I invented and have been playing around with for a couple months. As you may notice, the name is a spoonerism of "Mister Spoonerism". I have had people chortle at the ingeniousness of the name itself (for good reason). That being said, I don't expect all of my Spister Moonerism tweets to be favorited simply because I made another reference to the name. That is not why this particular tweet is underappreciated.

The briliance of this tweet hinges on my reference to an existing novelty t-shirt:

The source of the humor for the above shirt is that the words "drunk" and "home" are transposed. I believe the implication is that the person is so drunk they are jumbling up their words.

I thought to myself, why not take that shirt, and then spoonerize it! Not only have I transposed the words like the joke, I have also transposed letters! I have doubly transposed the shirt, deflating the original t-shirt's humor in an original and fundamental way.

And note the added satisfaction of the word "drunk" becoming "hunk". Does this add a little undercurrent of playful homoeroticism to the tweet? Yes, I think it does.

This tweet was not favorited or retweeted. I think I have sufficiently outlined and overexplained the tragedy of this to you, dear reader.


Freida Bee said...

The reason I'm commenting here is because I think this is quite a clever post. It's not only a funny premise, but the way it's executed it most adept.

I'm partially motivated to go find your comment in twitterville and favorite it, but I'm one part disinterested, one part lazy, and another part hungry and more likely to go make coffee and breakfast here at work.

Splotchy said...

Thank you for noting this post's cleverness.

Now I will not have to write an additional post overexplaining how this post is underappreciated.

BeckEye said...

Twitter can only benefit from more homoeroticism.