Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Arcade Sound Quizzes

A summary of arcade sound quizzes thus far on these hallowed virtual pages.

Each quiz page has a link you can follow to get the answers.

Awww Cute
Arcade games that have protagonists that have probably been made into beanie babies.

Vehicular Mayhem!

He's Got A Gun!
Games where the protagonist uses lasers, pistols, etc.

The Power Of Assisted Flight
Games where the protagonist is in some sort of flying aircraft/spacecraft.

Mano a Mano
Games where the protagonist settles things the old-fashioned way -- with their fists!

Swords 'N Sorcery
Find your inner elf.


I realize it's not dealing with arcade games, but you might also be interested in my Atari 2600 MEGA Sound Quiz.


Evil Genius said...

Do I post my answers here? I am still missing a few and trying to legitimately guess them without internet research.

Splotchy said...

Post them wherever you like. Probably they would go best on the actual individual quizzes. At the bottom of each quiz is a link to the answers.