Friday, January 16, 2009

Children's Names For Possible Future Father, Rob Zombie

Rob Zombie and his longtime love Sheri Moon Zombie married several years ago. Could a little Zombie be in the making?

I have spent some thoughtful, reflective moments on possible names for their future children.

01. Kyler
02. Skip
03. Rob, Jr.
04. Moonshadow
05. Poppy
06. Aleve
07. Romero
08. Hambone
09. Nebuchadnezzar
10. Ally
11. Carl
12. Ed
13. Ira
14. Manos
15. Peter
16. Plenty
17. Yusef
18. Hoyt
19. Larry
20. Zamboni


Gifted Typist said...

Or adolf hitler like that kid in Jersey.

Doc said...

I like Hambone. It has a nice ring to it.


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

I vote for Ira.

GETkristiLOVE said...

I like Dante Zombie.

Joe said...

I would like to add "Bub" and "Big Daddy" to go along with Romero.

Zeke might be nice too.

Randal Graves said...


SamuraiFrog said...

I dig Poppy Zombie. I may have to have a kid just to give her that name.

themom said...

Yea!! I love Zamboni Zombie!!!

Joe said...

Oh, one more thing when you're done naming Zombie babies...

I hope you don't mind, but you've been tagged: Six Random Things

Matthew Hubbard said...

Gumby Zombie.

Anonymous said...

I like Mambo...

Greg said...

I can't pronounce #9, but I think it's my favorite.