Monday, March 23, 2009

Internet Challenge #3

This one is for you, dear readers.

Find me a picture of a celebrity eating an ear of corn (no, Corey Feldman is not a celebrity).


Some Guy gives us this:

I of course welcome more celebrity ear-of-corn eating pics. Each pic provided that I deem worthy will result in a point added to your IC (Internet Challenge) rating.

Some Guy is currently in front with one IC point. Actually, since he was the first person to respond with an appropriate picture, he will get one more IC point. So, if you are the first to reply, you have the chance to get two IC points.

Yes, this is a rule I just made up. It's my Internet Challenge, and promptness must be celebrated!

I will be posting the IC point levels and their accompanying prize awards in the near future.


Jin scores a point for spying Richard Simmons:

Flannery Alden gets a point for Buster Keaton eating some corn of yore:

Some Guy: 2 IC Points
Jin and Flannery Alden: 1 IC point
Everyone Else: ZERO

I'm sorry that the rest of the submissions thus far were not deemed worthy.

To Bubs -- hold on to those pics you sent for an upcoming Internet Challenge involving cylindrical foodstuffs.


Some Guy said...

Does he count?

jin said...

Is Richard Simmons a celebrity?
(Don't be nasty now Splotch! ;-)

jin said...

Look it's Bambi!

She's totally famous!

(wait... why am I still searching images? I'm pathetic on my day off.)

Jenny Jenny Flannery said...

Buster Keaton anyone?

Distributorcap said...

this cat knows OPRAH

and you live in chicago - which is where oprah is taped

so by reason of logic, this cat is a celebrity

i demand a point!

Comrade Kevin said...

Goddamn it.