Sunday, June 28, 2009

Early AM Bike Ride

I got up freakishly early today.

I thought I would head out for a bike ride on the Salt Creek trail and be back before anyone was awake.

I took pictures!

For some reason, I love the fact that this bike trail has street signs.

It was already light when I headed out, but the sun hadn't risen yet. Here's a first peek at it through the trees.

And here it is, a little later. Ladies and gentlemen, the Eye of Sauron!

I saw a huge blue heron at this boggish part of the trail. I stopped my bike abruptly, and scared the damn thing off. So, I took a picture of the bog. You're welcome.

I saw lots of deer, but didn't feel like taking pictures of any of them. Well, there was a picturesque scene of a deer urinating just off the trail next to LaGrange Road that would have made an award-winning photograph, but no, I didn't take a picture of the deer urinating, either.

I *did* however take some pictures of a raccoon eating garbage. My folks got me a nifty camera for Christmas. It has freakish zooming capabilities, which I will show to you now.

This is where the raccoon was. My camera is zoomed out.

Here's the raccoon at 40x.



Anonymous said...

Nice to be able to do this, isn't it? Looks like one excellent bike trail, too. Not many round where I'm about but can still get out for a nice hike. And wot better time? No-one else round, it's usually cooler and you feel like you've got the world to yourself.

Joe said...

That looks great. It's fun to be out early like that.

dguzman said...

Nice. I do hope you stopped your bike to take these pics, though, mister. Otherwise, I'd be worried about your safety.