Sunday, June 21, 2009

Salt Creek Trail Is UNDER ATTACK!

Gary the Sump Pumping Robot continues to do his job at our house. No seepage has occurred as of yet, despite the miserable rain-logged spring (and now summer!) we have been trudging through.

We were forecast to get around 3 inches of rain last Friday, but ended up getting only about a third of an inch.

However, the wind was freaking strong that night. Recent rains have also added up a bit, at least with regards to the Salt Creek trail that I like riding on.

Here is a small report about nature's recent attacks on the trail my bike calls home.

A tree fell over the trail. I could not ride under it -- I had to get off and walk my bike under it. I am not Fonzie.

Another section of the trail is underwater.

I reached this part of the trail at the same time as an elderly woman. She turned around. I said to her (for some reason), "I'm going to try and ride through it." I made it a ways forward and soon found myself sloshing in about ten or eleven inches of water. My footsies got all wet, so I turned around and headed back.

I am not Fonzie.

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Strawberry Girl said...

That looks a lot like the trail I like riding on. (except for the underwater thing you've got going on, no wait... there is a section that likes to get swamped);D