Monday, June 8, 2009

Muvico, The Theater Chain For Swingers

So, this weekend MizSplotchy and I went to see the new Sam Raimi movie Drag Me To Hell.

We ended up going up to Rosemont to the Muvico 18 Theater, a palatial looking newish building that is quite visible from I-294.

It was nice to go to a chain that I hadn't been to before. I tend to build up resentment for a given movie chain if I see too many movies at their theaters (hello, Kerasotes!).

The experience was enjoyable enough, minus the fucking obligatory commercials that we moviegoers are forced to endure. The movie itself was a lot of fun, and I'm really glad that we went out to see it.

The thing I liked most about our moviegoing experience was the Muvico logo:

Wow, the anthropomorphized film reel is really giving it to the star, isn't it?



Dr Zibbs said...

I really liked that movie.

domboy said...

Those logos seem so happy together ... did you see the recent Wong Kar Wai re-release, "Ashes of Time Redux"? It was beautiful and stirring.

Splotchy said...

Dr Zibbs, never has the threat of being gummed to death been so vividly portrayed!

domboy, I have never seen a Wong Kar Wai movie, because I am horribly lame. I know his stuff is supposed to be wonderful.