Thursday, June 11, 2009


Tim Roth - Umbrage


Anonymous said...

I cannot read the word umbrage without hearing in Doris Roberts' Marie Barone voice.

jin said...

No No No!
Take it dowwwwwwn!
Ugh. Ruined. Ruined! I used to looooove Tim Roth. Adored him. But he could almost be & identical twin of the Ex. Same accent to boot. I find I now have trouble watching his films/shows.

Although I am quite addicted to 'Lie to Me'.

Splotchy said...

Charlie, I can't read *anything* without hearing it in Doris Roberts' voice (I can't read -- she's my reading helper).

Jin, now that the divorce is final, maybe you can start resolving your issues with Tim Roth. Just don't marry him, for God's sakes!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Ummmmmmm Tim Roth brage