Saturday, December 15, 2007

Arcade Answers (The Power Of Assisted Flight)

Answers for the fourth quiz!

For heaven's sakes, don't look at the answers before you sample the questions.

Ship 1 - Asteroids

Sure, graphics, sounds, etc. are much more realistic nowadays, but you get in this spaceship and find yourself drifting into large rocks, with an alien spaceship scooting by and throwing out bullets, and you'll find it's still some pretty damned good gameplay.

Ship 2 - Galaga

I never dug this game. When my brother was in college in the early 80's at ISU, comedian Gallagher, who was just then starting to pick up steam, and was in town for a show, dropped by an arcade where my brother happened to be at, and joked that they named this game after him. Very funny, Gallagher. Very funny.

Ship 3 - Zaxxon

I suck at this game too much to comment on it. Okay, I will say that I love the weird windy whistling in the background, and love the sounds of the lasers the ship shoots. And I suck at this game really hard.

Ship 4 - Gyruss

Didn't play this game too much, but when I did the music part of it made it really enjoyable. However, if I had to choose between this game and Tempest, I'd choose Tempest every time.

Ship 5 - Time Pilot

This game I played a handful of times. I enjoyed playing it, but wasn't so good. I don't think I ever got to the last stage (UFOs in the year 2001!).


Distributorcap said...

boy i am old
i never heard of those games
except asteroids....

Randal Graves said...

My memory is fading. I should have gotten at least the first three, but didn't. I was hoping there was a sound clip of Starmaster or Sinistar in there. Now where did I put my Geritol...

Splotchy said...

dc, I think you and I just traveled in different circles.

randal g, I haven't heard of Starmaster. Do you mean Star Castle? Sinistar would have been a good choice -- and it's yet another game I suck at!

Randal Graves said...

Starmaster was one of those Activision games for the 2600 that came out around the same time as Pitfall, Chopper Command, Seaquest. Um, it had kind of a cockpit view and you could go into hyperspace and had to target the enemy spacecraft.

Thank you Satan for Wikipedia.

And I hear ya on Sinistar. Loved that game, but man, was I terrible!

Splotchy said...

Oh! Okay. I think I actually had that game for the 2600.

Unknown said...

Time Piot's predecessor was more fun.

Evil Genius said...

I am probably the only one who was looking forward to the next Arcade Sounds post. My speakers at work are poor and by the time I could check at home the answers were already posted.

I sucked at Zaxxon too, but I enjoyed siucking at it. And the music for Gyruss is unbelievably cool!

dguzman said...

Totally loved Asteroids and Galaga, but I'm too old to remember the rest (except I think I vaguely remember Zaxxon--but my dementia might just be kicking in).

Cap'n Ergo "XL+II" Jinglebollocks said...

everybody sucks at Zaxxxon... or did 'cuz when it first came out no one had tried flying in a 2D representation of a 3D world and everyone kept flying into those big cylinders of petrol.