Friday, December 7, 2007

Yet Two More Participatory Doodles!

Okay some more participants of the story virus are asking for doodles, and doodles they shall have.

For people not familiar with the doodling process here at I, Splotchy, please note that:

1) I create my doodles freehand (no shapes/lines) in MS Paint
2) I only give myself 60 seconds to draw your doodle
3) I am not a professional artist, nor do I play one on TV

With that out of the way...

For BAC: Wonder Woman winning the next presidential election.

And for Freida Bee: The opening paragraph of the story virus illustrated in doodle form.


Cooper Green said...

Bless you, Splotch, for you have risen to the surface like WD-40 in a nice consommé appetizer. Your viral story is thriving over here in this other world of Bloggers that some rarely visit. Next one you start, I want to be on the front lines.

Distributorcap said...

we need a laura bush doodle

her driving?
her lighting a menorah and lighting the curtains instead?
her applying cream to hide her ever growing crows feet?

Dr. Zaius said...

That's a really good picture of Nancy Pelosi!

Freida Bee said...

That's not quite how I pictured the main character of the story, but then I thought she might have some really gnarly hair, what with the obseleteness of mirrors in the near future. Thank you for the doodle. If you want a Froodle for giving me the story virus, come on over and get one of my cheap knock-offs. The doodle aspect of the virus did not spread, but I am used to no one liking my lame-ass ideas by now. I have kids, you know.

Splotchy said...

cg, thanks a lot for the kind words!

dc, you make good on your intent to continue the virus, and I'll do my best to give you a laura bush doodle.

dr z, I was wondering if you'd chime in about Pelosi :).

freida b, yeah, I sort of cheesed up the doodle a bit. By default I draw dudes, and then I also kinda make the dude look a certain way, which is bad for something that is supposed be a base generic template people can expand upon.

I will definitely stop by for a Froodle later. I really like your Froodles more than ones I do. There's something about the pencil and paper, the rough lines and such. Very nice.

BAC said...

Thanks for the doodle! It's great!