Thursday, December 13, 2007

Sympathy Ear For The Radio Nurse: A Proposal

I got ideas, that's a given.

One of my favorite ideas I outline here.

I don't have the time, or frankly, the skills, to design such a website. And, I don't really know how many people have song fragments in their head in need of identification.

So, this is what I am going to do. I will devote part of this blog to identifying songs that you need help identifying. Use the email address on my profile to send me a small sound file of you humming, whistling, singing the song in question. I'll then post it and ask for help from the readers of this blog.

I am aware that asking people to provide MP3's or WAV files of them singing requires some technical expertise -- you need a microphone, you need to know how to record sounds on your computer, etc.

I'd really like to allow people to just pick up their phone and make a call, and leave a voicemail with their song ID request, a voicemail which I could easily translate into an MP3 and post. I'm thinking Skype might be an appropriate tool to allow me to do this, but I'll have to look into it further. I know some people who occasionally visit here are much more adept at Skype than I -- please feel free to make suggestions.

I'm going to kick off this new feature tonight with a song fragment that has been stuck in my head for about two weeks. I hope someone can ID it!




dguzman said...

Uh--where's the song fragment?

This is a great idea, Splotch. I'll get some hook or musical phrase from a song stuck in my head for DAYS and it drives me nuts! I don't know anything about Skype though...

Splotchy said...

d, song fragment to be uploaded later tonight.

I hope you can get some use out of this feature, to cure those song fragments in your head.