Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Some Cute Cat Picture Offerings For LOL-ers

Due to the rampant LOLCats phenomenon, the world is in danger of experiencing a shortage of cute cat pictures. Some experts predict a drought of uncaptioned cute cat pictures by as early as April of 2008.

I felt it was time for me to step up and offer what I can to LOL-ers toiling in the LOLCat mines. These pictures were taken in the fall of 2003, a few short months after our Mission was Accomplished.

Please take these pictures of our cat *Frances Faye and do with them what you will. Click on a pic to get a larger image.

Remember, you can't spell LOLCATS without CATS.

* Yes, our cat is named after the singer, thank you for asking!


Manx has made a truly wonderful LOLCat picture from one of the above Frances Faye photos. Kudos to you, Manx!


Freida Bee said...

Let me be the first to say that that is the cutest picture of Cheney and Frances Faye napping together. LOL

Fran said...

Sweet kitty! And Frances, a lovely name even if some of us do not use it on a day to day basis...

Life As I Know It Now said...

can I steal the picture about Mitch Daniels, the current wipe in Indiana?

Splotchy said...

freida b, I'm glad I could finally get those crazy kids together.

franiam, :)

liberality, it ain't stealing if I'm offering it. You can have it if you want it.

Distributorcap said...

even the cat finds cheney boring and an asshole

Cooper Green said...


(Sorry, I didn't follow the rules. Kind of like school.)

Splotchy said...

dc, I dunno, maybe the cat is basking in Cheney's warmth.

cg, nice! Extra points for including the Randolph Scott poster. Your powers of observation are spookily impressive.

dguzman said...

Do you think we've reached Peak LOLCats yet?

It's very noble of you to offer your personal supply of LOLcats to the world, Splotch--but then, you're a noble and generous kind of guy.

love your kitty!

Splotchy said...

d, we should get Niblet and Ms. Faye together!