Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Perhaps Posting This Video Will Flush The Song From My Brain

ABC - Poison Arrow


Evil Evil Genius said...

I have been suffering the same fate. Both Sirius and XM have put this in heavy rotation. Damn them!

Tenacious S said...

I can think of WAY worse songs to have rolling around in your head than that. I'll save you the grief and not mention any here.

Splotchy said...

evil evil g, I certainly hope Dexy's Midnight Runners is equally represented.

ten s, I thank you for not mentioning them. If you did, I might have to shoot that poison arrow through your heeeeeee-aaaahhh-rrrt.

BeckEye said...

I love that song!

Fran said...

I don't even have to press play... my night is ruined.

"Who broke my heart... You did you did!"

Oh Splotch man if I didn't love you I'd hate you. (which by the way is the title of a great Squeeze song.)

Tengrain said...

Oh Splotchy - I could give you half a dozen songs that are much more infectious, and probably worse.

And in fact, now that I am thinking along those lines, I think I can say, "Damn you!"

Off to cure my horror.



Splotchy said...

beckeye, I definitely like it, but not in my head for hours at a time.

franiam, I'll take hate over indifference any day (actually not true, but it's a good sound bite).

Tengrain, for the record, I am accepting no responsibility for the travesty you posted on your blog.

dguzman said...

You think you're smart, STOO-PID, STOO-PID!

Oh god, I'm gonna need a serious eraser song now...