Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Monkey Awakens For Volume Six

Okay, the green monkey what lives in my brain has had sufficient rest. I have urged him to take it a little easier, not lift anything heavy, etc.

I am proud to announce Volume 6 of the Green Monkey Music Project - Can't Wait For Halloween.

All the songs must have some tenuous connection to Halloween, or things of a spooky nature. I'm going to allow up to seven people to join in this time, for a total participant count (including me) of eight.

The number of songs that someone can contribute will depend on how many people participate. That being said, participants will be able to contribute five songs no matter what.

I'll be starting off the mix this time. Here is my song list (which might expand if we get less than eight people playing).

01 - Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Red Right Hand
02 - Echo and the Bunnymen - The Yo Yo Man
03 - Roky Erickson - Creature With The Atom Brain
04 - Pink Floyd - Lucifer Sam
05 - Flaming Lips - Ice Drummer

I'm reserving one slot for Lulu because she asked so nicely.

The rest of you, please sign up via a comment on this post. You don't haveta provide your songs yet if you don't want to, just say you're interested in joining.

Happy Early Halloween!


We have our nine(!) participants signed up!

The Idea Of Progress!
Frank Sirmarco!
Matty Boy!

If Lulu opts to not take part in this mix, I'll reopen her slot, so to speak. To anyone who may have asked ahead of time to be in the mix, my apologies for not holding a spot for you -- I didn't want to have to go hunting through the comments in my archives.I guess I'm still working out the kinks (or is that The Kinks?).

Since we have a full number of participants in this mix, I ask that you choose no more than five songs for your selections.

For those who haven't played before, simply leave a comment on this post, indicating the artist and song title of your selections. I'll attempt to obtain the tracks from my magical jukebox. If I have difficulty getting a song, I'll ask you to send me a copy. There's a good chance I'll be able to find whatever songs you pick.

Thanks to everyone for signing up!


The Idea Of Progress said...

I'm in.

Roky Erickson! Very nice! There goes one of my choices.

Chris Hinrichs said...

Even though this would be my third time and would thus award me my Master Monkey or whatever it was AND give me the opportunity to pick a future theme, I guess I'll decline to give others a chance.

That is, unless you really want me to.

No? OK. I understand.

dguzman said...

I got nuttin' for this one, so I'll hang back (even though I'm Soooooo anxious to get my 3-timer badge!).

Splotchy said...

chris, you can have a slot if you want one.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I would love to join. Hallowe'en is the most wonderful time of the year!

Frank Sirmarco said...

I can make this happen.

I'm in.

Manx said...

I'll take a stab and a slice, unless it prohibits a first-timer from joining.

Might have to bust out the DJ Spooky.

Splotchy said...

Frank emailed me his choices:

Godzilla, Blue Oyster Cult
Werewolves of London, Warren Zevon
Frankenstein, Edgar Winter Group
Boris The Spider, The Who
(Every Day) is Halloween, Ministry

Matthew Hubbard said...

I'll join if you need someone. Do I need to send MP3's?

You can contact me over at Lotsa 'Splainin' if the need arises.

Splotchy said...

idea o' progress, there ain't nothing wrong with having more than one Roky song on a Halloween mix. He's got plenty of appropriate songs.

Splotchy said...

Alright, matty boy, the mix is technically full, but since you're a first-timer to the mix, welcome aboard.

You don't have to send me MP3's unless I am unable to find them on my own. All I need from you is artist and song title.

Dale said...

I'll do it! Who knew everyone had so much fright loaded into their mp3 players?

Splotchy said...

dale, there's plenty of fright on mp3 players...

if they are EVIL!!!!


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Here are my choices:

Furnace Room Lullaby - Neko Case
Country Death Song - Violent Femmes
Graveyard - Chad VanGaalen
A Boy and His Machine Gun - Matthew Good Band
I Will Kill Again - Jarvis Cocker

I love your choice of Red Right Hand btw. This is going to be so much fun!

Splotchy said...

Cool choices, Barb!

And may I compliment you on the inclusion of Country Death Song? I love Hallowed Ground, very, very much.

Splotchy said...

Here's Chris' entries:

Ghostrider In The Sky: Dick Dale
Abercrombie Had A Zombie: Fats Waller
Movement Of Fear: Tones On Tail
Season Of The Witch: Donovan
The Black Angel's Death Song: Velvet Underground

The Idea Of Progress said...

Okay, here goes ( I can provide the mp3s if you need them).

Harry the Head-- The Residents
Would You Love a Monsterman? --Lordi
It's Halloween--The Shaggs
Nightmares--The Creation
Unseen Hand--Ashcroft & Bacon (in case you're wondering, that's JOHN Ashcroft..scary man, scary song)

How does that work? I'd put more Roky, but pretty much everything he's recorded since getting out of Rusk would work, and I only get five songs. Okay, a bonus track:

Monster Mash- The Misfits

Splotchy said...

Holy shit, The Shaggs! I had tagged that song as a possible contender.

I love that "Nightmares" song -- nice choice.

Dale said...

I'd emailed my choices over but here they are again:

Death Comes Ripping - The Misfits

Ghost of the Girl in The Well - Willard Grant Conspiracy

Peekaboo - Siouxsie and the Banshees

Play Dead - Bjork

Are You Happy Now? - Richard Shindell

Splotchy said...

dale, woo!!!

Misfits made the list!

I was worried they wouldn't make an appearance.

Dale said...

Glad to make you go woo! Splotchy. I'm looking forward to hearing some of these tunes as a lot of them aren't familiar to me.

I almost chose Country Death Song Barbara and I was going to offer Nouvelle Vague's version of Killing Moon as well.