Thursday, September 20, 2007

More Fun With Google!

The Internet is a huge swamp of information. Google is like a poking stick you lower into the swamp, attempting to bring forth the nasty, squirmy things you're searching for.

It's always interesting when someone comes my way through the use of a Google search.

Here's an exercise you may have fun doing. Supply some Google searches where your blog comes at the *very* top of the list.

Here's ten of mine.

squirrel spit paralysis
green monkey stevie nicks
meaningless cherry
cockroach rabbit carcass
cat mushroom goose poo
zombie finger dexterity
magic tainted adult-oriented bodybuilder
pretzel choking gravitas


Matty Boy did this exercise over at his neck of the woods, giving it an excellent name: "Google Likes Me Best". Give it a try, why don'tcha?


Dale said...

Why would anyone search for meaningless cherry? Cherry is cherry!

Splotchy said...

Cherry is cherry!

If you put that on a t-shirt, I'd buy it.

dguzman said...

Me too

dguzman said...

see, my blog is far less -uh- far-reaching! than yours. Birds is birds, and I'm low on the bird totem pole.

Matthew Hubbard said...

I put up a ten spot today over at Lotsa 'Splainin'. I found some other short phrases that would lead you to my blog, but I put up my favorite ten, including the evergreen gigantic child brides!

Splotchy said...

matty boy, I saw that! I'm freakin' envious.

dguzman, you're too modest. Here's just one example of a search where your blog is at the top: niblet dandies

Joe said...


Freida Bee said...

I only know of one google search in which I come first, "Vegans are Sexy." At least it's a good one.

dguzman said...

Oh boy!