Thursday, September 6, 2007

Please Answer This Music Zombie Question

If you could have any dead musician(s) resurrected as a zombie(s) to play or record more music, who would it be?

Here's more details about their zombieness, which may affect your decision.
  • The zombie musician(s) would want to eat brains.

  • The zombie musician(s) would retain their personality for the most part, filtered through the fact that they really, really, really want to eat brains.

  • Apart from the fact that they would not be eating brains, the zombie musician(s) would be largely content playing and recording music.

  • The zombie musician(s) musical abilities might be a little diminished. Their finger dexterity, vocal range and timbre, etc., would be affected, though you would still recognize their playing as distinctly them.


Start resurrecting!


Matty Boy said...

The zombie Billie Holiday could still be a compelling performer.

(Also: I adopted another actor, who brought with him an ilk: Christopher Guest.)

Barbara Bruederlin said...

This is pretty much the ultimate question, as you know I love zombies and I love dead musicians (okay undead ones too).

My first pick would be Ian Curtis. He had zombie-like characteristics while still alive and I'm sure the desire to eat brains would only enhance his awesome dancing.

My second choice would be Joe Strummer. He was such a classy guy that I am sure he would be very polite about ripping your head off and scooping out your brains.

dguzman said...

Janis Joplin could still sing in my band any day, brain-eating or no. Besides, she'd be too busy guzzling Southern Comfort to eat TOO many brains, right?

Holy shit, Joe Strummer's dead? Wow.

Flannery Alden said...

I want Zombie Elvis.

Distributorcap said...

a couple of them:
(for various reasons)

George Harrison
John Lennon
Otis Redding
Roy Orbison
Janis Joplin
Karen Carpenter (i know the music is tres gay -- but she had an amazing voice)

Splotchy said...

If I could chime in with my own choice (I actually just thought of it) -- JAMES BROWN.

BeckEye said...

A brain-eating John Lennon would be hilarious. 'Cause he'd still be singing about peace and love and shit, but he'd be killing people gruesomely.

Splotchy said...

matty boy, you are obviously a person of style and class.

barb, I think I could take out a zombie Ian Curtis if I had to. Joe Strummer would indeed be a sweet brain-eatin' fool.

dguzman, I think Zombie Janis would scare the bejeesus out of me.

flannery a, you and me both!

dc, I thought Roy Orbison *was* a zombie. And are you trying to get the Beatles back together? How long do you think Ringo would last?

beckeye, imagine all the people, with their delicious brains...

Jess Wundrun said...

I feel like a shmo. My immediate thought was Mozart. Not the real Mozart, but the Animal House guy Mozart who played upside down piano and talked backwards in the movie.

Joe Strummer! Excellent - which made me think Joey Ramone because A) there wouldn't be much physical difference between live Joey and corpse Joey and B)maybe cocaine would curb the brain cravings?

But the dead musician I miss the most: Johnny Cash.

Splotchy said...

Sigh. Johnny Cash.

I could imagine him in concert.

"I'm Zombie Johnny Cash."

I wish I could have seen him perform when he was alive.

PJ said...

Miles Davis, man. They said he was the devil...

PJ said...

Or at least did a deal with him, or something equally sinister. The zombie stuff would just add to the legend.

Becca said...

Not because I thought he was all that talented but I'd love to see Sid Vicious resurected to mess with the lyrics of more classic standards of music. Best part is I doubt zombie Sid will be any dumber (from the heroin or lack of leraning take your pick) than living Sid was.

Damn I love My Way!

BeckEye said...

Oh...are all of the guys from The Zombies dead? Because it would be awesome to have an all-Zombie line-up of The Zombies for the next summer reunion circuit.

And is there a better brain-eating song out there than "Time of the Season?" Very spooky, psychedelic dinner music.

deadspot said...

Good choice, Splotchy.

"I feel dead!"
Nana nana nana nuh!
"Wanna eat your head..."
Nana nana nana nuh!

(Sorry, came up with a much funnier second line.)

The Idea Of Progress said...

I'm thinking Zombie Marvin Gaye. Sexy zombie love-making music.