Monday, December 3, 2007

A Democratic Rhyme To A Tengrain Post

There have been a handful of occasions when I see something in a newspaper or magazine that is so awesome (either terribly awesome or wonderfully awesome) that I feel compelled to clip it and stick it on a wall.

Seeing this post by Tengrain jogged my memory of a clipped picture I had cherished from the Bill Clinton years.

I rummaged through an old box of things, found and scanned it.

I'm sorry about the quality -- it's a little wrinkled and yellowed with age. Still, I think the power of the photo shines through.

Click on the pic to make Bill Clinton and the head he is palming even bigger!


Fran said...

That may even out-creepy the Bush photo.


dguzman said...

Hey--I liked that picture! I loves me some Bill, I can't help it. He even has charisma with teh lesbians.

Splotchy said...

d, I like Clinton a helluva lot more than Bush, but I still think this picture captures something unseemly about him, and shows him as a political animal (calling a politician a political animal is being a little redundant, I guess).

I love the dissonance in the picture. We have him smiling for the camera, hand on the boy's head, but not as a comforting thing -- instead more of a posed photo opportunity. And the boy's expression is priceless. He doesn't know or care what the hell is going on, and isn't there for the same reasons.

No matter how I feel about Bush or Clinton, I was really struck by the similarity between the the two photos. And at least the kid was smiling in the Bush pic.

Diamond Dave Diggler said...

Yeah, when I see pics like this, I begin to believe the right ing theory that the Clintons only got married and had one kid because they thought it would look better when they both became president. It reeks of photo op. Of course, worse is landing on an aircraft carrier (MY aircraft carrier, btw) and saying "mission accomplished" or getting up on the rubble of the world trade center for a pic with the flag.

When Bill was President, I loved him, but looking back on some of his policies (NAFTA, for one, but there are others) I'm no longer so enamored with him.

Jimmy Carter... Greatest President of my lifetime, and maybe one of the top 5 of all time.

Fran said...

I am with the Splotch on this one!

Tengrain said...

I was never a Big Dog fan - but I will rank him in the top five GOP presidents of all time.

The pix is priceless.