Wednesday, December 5, 2007

This Story Is A Virus

This has probably been done before, but that is not stopping me, oh no.

Here's what I would like to do. I want to create a story that branches out in a variety of different, unexpected ways. I don't know how realistic it is, but that's what I'm aiming for. Hopefully, at least one thread of the story can make a decent number of hops before it dies out.

If you are one of the carriers of this story virus (i.e. you have been tagged and choose to contribute to it), you will have one responsibility, in addition to contributing your own piece of the story: you will have to tag at least one person that continues your story thread. So, say you tag five people. If four people decide to not participate, it's okay, as long as the fifth one does. And if all five participate, well that's five interesting threads the story spins off into.

Not a requirement, but something your readers would appreciate: to help people trace your own particular thread of the narrative, it will be helpful if you include links to the chapters preceding yours.

There always has to be a start of a story, so here it is.


I woke up hungry. I pulled my bedroom curtain to the side and looked out on a hazy morning. I dragged myself into the kitchen, in search of something to eat. I reached for a jar of applesauce sitting next to the sink, and found it very cold to the touch. I opened the jar and realized it was frozen.


Please continue this story virus.

I tag:

Johnny Yen
Freida Bee

Okay, inspired by FranIAm, and to sweeten the deal for the people tagged above, for any who continue this story, you will get a genuine Splotchy doodle drawn from a doodle idea you supply.

Just leave a comment with your doodle idea after you have posted your propagation of the story virus on your own blog.


Fran said...

Do I get a doodle for doing this? (always the selfish one!)

I am in either way.

Fran said...

Any rumors you have heard about me being a fast girl may actually ring true...

The deed is done.

Plus this gives me good tagging rights by going first. Other virus people be warned!

As for my doodle... Mitt Romney driving by the Home Depot (or Hobo!) to hire undocumented immigrants. Nice and not so simple.

Freida Bee said...

Oooh oooh, a tag AND a doodle? yea!

Joe said...

I like this idea.

SamuraiFrog said...

Okay, here's my doodle idea: Mickey Mouse cruising a high school to pick up chicks.

Some Guy said...

I did mine so I'd like to redeem my coupon for one free doodle:

A Sasquatch giving Mr. T a backrub.

BAC said...

The story continues at Yikes!

Gee, a doodle ... how about Wonder Woman winning the next presidential election!


Freida Bee said...

I did it and I even offered my carriers a Froodle© Imitation Doodle. Maybe the doodle will spin virally out of control as well.

I'd like to see the opening paragraph illustrated in doodle form.

Johnny Yen said...

Thanks for the tag! I have a final on Monday, but after that, I'm on it!

Unknown said...

So does that mean I should get a doodle by you?

Splotchy said...

bubs, I believe Chris has tagged you over on his blog, so feel free to get infected.

jy, looking forward to seeing another strain of the virus starting!

wyldth1ng, you don't haveta, but I can do one for you if you wanna.

Dr. Nemonok said...

Splotch, I got tagged form Zaius, and my entry is right over just about look right on to this link over here.

captain koma said...

Mines the bes one.

Violence always sells.

November Rain said...

I got tagged by Jon IG so I memed away right here

Henchman432 said...

Done. See what happens.