Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Beast Of Berwyn, Page 20

the continuing saga of ...

"Bubs, can you follow me, in case things start going all crazy?"

"You got it, Arny."


"Arny, for a fancypants blogger, you ain't half bad."

"Thanks, Bubs. For a sinister-looking clown cop, you're not too bad yourself."

You make your way up a steep hill.

Crazy Lady lays unconscious on the edge of a steep dropoff. Water rushes violently below her.

"Not sssso fassssst, Arny!"

A large, half-man, half-jellyfish creature shambles towards you from out of the shadows of a towering oak tree. On one side of him, a long tentacle drags across the ground, on the other, a human hand holds a gun.

"Bill! Is that you?"

"Yesssssss. The ssssad resssssult of a ssssssspecial effect gone bad."

"Bill, I'm sorry."

"Ssssssssorry? How dare you feel sssssssorry for me, Crankowisssssssss."

"Bill, I can help you."

"How?" Bill hisses.

"Well," you say, "if there are any remedies that have been indexed by Google, I'm awfully good at finding those kinds of things."


A tentacle shoots at you and whips you across the arm. You are knocked back. You can feel a paralysis quickly come over you.

"Police!" Bubs yells. He fires his gun.

Bill returns his fire and knocks Bubs to the ground.

"Nooooooo!" you scream.

Bubs' gun falls near your feet.

Do you...

1) Reach for the gun
2) Have a peanut

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