Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Beast Of Berwyn, Page 28

the continuing saga of ...

You slowly walk behind Officer Bubs.

In one fluid motion, Bubs scoops up Crazy Lady and slings her over his shoulder.

He opens the passenger door of his squad car and drops her in.

"You ride in back."

He opens the door. As you slide into the back seat, you realize the car has another backseat passenger -- a medium-sized alligator on a leash.

Bubs shuts the door, jumps into the driver seat and revs the engine. "Mr. Crankowicz, meet Enos, the Captain's alligator. Enos, meet Mr. Crankowicz, a fancypants blogger."

Bubs peels out and rockets down the street.

Looking straight ahead, Bubs drawls, "We're just a couple minutes away from the station. Hey, Enos is probably getting a little hungry. There should be a package of nuts on the seat next to you. Feed him a couple, wouldja?"

Do you...

1) Feed Enos some nuts
2) Sit quietly, arms and legs crossed

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