Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Beast Of Berwyn, Page 33

the continuing saga of ...

"Okay, I'm done," Bubs says. "I want to show you something."

You look at him. Bubs points to your laptop. "Friday Random 10. Look at all the Lou Reed."

"Impressive," you say.

"I have something else to show you. Follow me."

You wearily follow Bubs out of your house.

"I saw your neighbor Mr. Floppy hightail it out of here. He left something behind."

Bubs points to a pink strand on the grass.

"What is it?" you ask.

"Well," he says, "if my fine arts education and lifelong appreciation of hillbilly music has taught me anything, that there is a jellyfish tentacle. But not just *any* kind of jellyfish tentacle. A werejellyfish tentacle."

"Bill!" you gasp.

You are startled by the faint ring of your phone.

You hurry in and pick it up.

"Arny," Bill whispers.

"Bill, why-"

"Can it, Crankowicz! If you want to see Simone alive again..."


"The crazy lady who was shooting at me."


"If you want to see Crazy Lady again, meet me at the water treatment plant at 8:00pm tonight. Come alone! [CLICK]"

"He says he's got Crazy Lady, Bubs. Isn't she still in jail?"

Bubs looks sheepishly at you. "We let her go. We needed the cell for a couple of weenie wavers."

"Eww," you reply.

Do you...

1) Ask Bubs for help
2) Go it alone

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