Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Beast Of Berwyn, Page 53

the continuing saga of ...

You see a bag of nuts, half-opened, partially covered by your svelte blogger thigh.

You daintily pull out a single nut, putting the bag containing the remaining nuts into your pants pocket. Enos looks at you with reptilian calm. He slowly opens his large, tooth-filled mouth.

You quickly toss the nut into his gaping maw as it snaps shut. CRACK!
Enos blinks a few times, then begins wheezing. He starts clawing at the upholstery.

Bubs turns his head around, "What the hell is going on back there?"

Enos' clawing gets more violent. He rips your argyle sweater to shreds as he tries to scale the inside of the squad car.


Enos falls back into your lap, looking up into your eyes with a puzzled expression. The wheezing gradually trails away as he dies.

Bubs cries, "Aw, man, the cap'n is gonna be so pissed!"

The car reaches the station. Bubs quickly gets out, and yanks open your door. "Help me carry him."

The two of you carry Enos to a nearby drainage ditch and drop him into some shallow, brackish water. Bubs pauses for a moment. "Semper Fi," he whispers. "Let's go," he says to you.

Minutes later, at the police station...

Crazy Lady is still unconscious, now in a holding cell.

Bubs sits at a desk, his clown eyes closely watching yours.

"So, what's the deal with Crazy Lady? She with you?"

Do you say...

1) "Yeah, she's with me."
2) "No, never met her."

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