Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Beast Of Berwyn, Page 22

the continuing saga of ...

No time for spell-checking! You hit the SUBMIT button, and dash to the kitchen and dial the local law enforcement.

"I'd like to report a shooting," you say.

"Yes, we know," says the voice on the other line. "Officer is en route. [CLICK]"

More screams and gunfire erupt outside. The sound of glass breaking somewhere in the house. Red and blue flashing lights suddenly flood your kitchen.


A few quiet moments pass.

There is a loud knocking at your front door. You cautiously make your way there and look out the peephole.

A sinister-looking clown in a patrolman's uniform stands at your door, seemingly looking through the peephole straight into your eyes.

"Officer Bubs," the clown announces. "Somebody call the poh-leeeeeece?"

Do you...

1) Open the door
2) Call the police again
3) Hide in the basement

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