Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Beast Of Berwyn, Page 59

the continuing saga of ...

Your thoughts immediately turn to the blog post of the preceding night. You fumble in your pocket for the bag of Enos the Alligator's peanuts, paralysis almost completely overtaking your body. With every ounce of effort you empty the nuts into your open mouth.

"Another clown poleeeeessssssssssssssssssssman?" Bill hisses. "I told you to come alone, Crankowissssssss!"

In the corner of your eye you a spot a squirrel prancing just a few feet from you. Its nose twitches and it hops a little closer.

"I hope you can sssssssssssswim without the use of your armssssss and legssssssss! Ha ha ha!"

The squirrel jumps on your face and begins eating the nuts out of your mouth. A small rivulet of spit drops from the squirrel's lips onto your tongue. You feel the paralysis fade slightly as the saliva starts reacting with the jellyfish neurotoxin.

"Jussssssssst what do you think you are doing? I read your posssssssssst, Crankowissssss! Ssssssquirrel sssssspit won't ssssssssave you!"

Suddenly, Bubs jumps up, a bottle of seltzer water gripped tightly in his hand.

"Take this, you tentacled, weenie-waver freak!" He turns the nozzle on the bottle and sprays Bill with a full, dead-on blast.

"AAAAgggghh! Carbonation! Horrible, horrible carbonation!"

Do you...

1) Grab Bubs' gun
2) Grab your laptop

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