Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Beast Of Berwyn, Page 57

the continuing saga of ...

"Let's go!" Bubs shouts.

"Time for some mobile blogging!" you yell.

Bubs guns the squad car down the street.

"Take Maple Street!" you shout to Bubs.

"Why?" asks Bubs. "That's out of the way!"

"They have good Wi-Fi there!" You open your laptop.

"The squirrel spit post made it!" you exclaim. "Now for a quick post to whet my readers' appetites."

Bubs yells, "You better hurry! We're almost out of road!"

You strain your mind for an appropriate topic. Ah-ha!

You direct your browser to take an online quiz -- 'What Kind Of Action Hero Are You?' You fill out three fields, hit Submit. An image slowly loads, indicating...


You smile to yourself. A quick copy-paste-submit and the rest of the world knows you are James Bond, too.

Bubs slows down the squad car. The last bits of daylight recede into the horizon as you pull up to the water treatment plant.
"What now, Arny?", Bubs asks.

You close the laptop, a stone cold gaze on your face.

Do you...

1) Ask Bubs for backup
2) Go it alone

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